The zone Bakra is closed. So These dragons can only be captured by Draconic Flute, and/or from Dragon Eggs.

The levels for the Bakra and Satuma Dragons is from, since I only started to play the game after these two zones where closed. All other information on these dragons is from playing the game.

Lvl Name Type Note
~ Puny Flecked Raptor Dragon Swiftfoot
7 Bloodcrown Raptor Dragon Swiftfoot
7 Savage Raptor Dragon Swiftfoot
7 Vicious Raptor Dragon Swiftfoot
9 Flecked Raptor Dragon Swiftfoot
10 Bloodwrath Swiftfoot Rare
10 Plated Longtooth Dragon Stalwart
13 Greenscale Raptor Dragon Swiftfoot
14 Horned Bristleback Dragon Stalwart
16 Crested Bristleback Dragon Stalwart
16 Nightwind Swiftfoot Event Boss
16 Horned Specklewing Dragon Skytouched
19 Emerald Sapwing Dragon Windrider
21 Squelch Stalwart Rare
21 Crimson Bristleback Dragon Stalwart
21 Razorfang Raptor Dragon Swiftfoot
24 Hunchback Deathsnapper Dragon Aqua
24 Drifting Lotus Dragon Skytouched
25 Blackblade Aqua Boss
26 Slinking Razormaw Dragon Aqua
26 Opulent Rootwing Dragon Skytouched
26 Crested Spineback Dragon Windrider
26 Screaming Raptor Dragon Swiftfoot
27 Hookwing Windrider Event Boss
29 Highland Longtooth Dragon Stalwart
29 Highland Swiftfoot Dragon Stalwart
30 Thistlefur Ironclaw Dragon Paragon
30 Granite Ridestalker Dragon Paragon Rare
31 Golden Shadow Paragon Event Boss
35 Umbral Glare Fabled Ancient Fabled Ancient
35 Emerald Crystal Fabled Ancient Dungeon Ancient