# Icon Level Name Zone Region
1 Dark Flame Icon Dark Flame Alentia
2 Vesper Icon Vesper Auratia Road Quest
3 Guardian of Lundahl Icon Guardian of Lundahl Auratia Treasure Hunt
4 Sadras the Bone-Eater Icon ~ Sadras the Bone-Eater Markedplace Egg
5 Phantom Stone Icon Phantom Stone Porthis
6 Amber Eye Icon Amber Eye Column of the Prophet Chest
7 Marble Chill Icon Marble Chill Auratia Flute
8 Morning Sky Icon ~ Morning Sky Marketplace Egg
9 Emerald Assault Icon ~ Emerald Assault Marketplace Egg
10 Psychic Phantasm Icon ~ Psychic Phantasm Marketplace Egg
11 Silver Arrow Icon ~ Silver Arrow Marketplace Egg
12 Rusted Blade icon ~ Rusted Blade Marketplace Egg
13 True Red Icon ~ True Red Marketplace Egg
14 Clear Sky Icon ~ Clear Sky Marketplace Egg
15 Tarclaw Icon ~ Tarclaw Marketplace Egg
16 Dragon Marked Icon ~ Marketplace Egg
17 Dragon Marked Icon ~ Marketplace Egg
18 Phantom Stone's Twin Icon ~ Phantom Stone's Twin Marketplace Egg
19 Dragon Icon
20 Kryon Icon ~ Kryon Marketplace Egg

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