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These great dragons have inherit its Legendary Ancestors size and strength.

# Icon Level Name Zone Region
1 Balge Icon 15 Balge Laedis Dungeon Ancient
2 Calculus Icon 98 Calculus Porthis Nucleus of Time
3 Golden Diode Icon ~ Golden Diode Laedis Egg
4 Magmaron the Lava Dragon Icon ~ Magmaron the Lava Dragon Marketplace Egg
5 Archon Boneheart Icon ~ Archon Boneheart Marketplace Egg
6 Astaroth Icon ~ Astaroth Marketplace Egg
7 Raiden Icon ~ Raiden Marketplace Egg
8 Nerroth Icon ~ Nerroth Marketplace Egg
9 Veles Icon ~ Veles Marketplace Egg
10 Livjatan Icon ~ Livjatan Marketplace Egg
11 Metron the Unchained Icon ~ Metron the Unchained Marketplace Egg
12 Bionic Force Icon ~ Bionic Force Marketplace Egg
13 Dragon Icon
14 Dragon Marked Icon ~ Marketplace Egg
15 Dragon Icon
16 Scuber Whin Icon ~ Scuber Whin Marketplace Egg
17 Fanyaré the Sky Wings Icon ~ Fanyaré the Sky Wings Marketplace Egg

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