Level Name Type Tame Region
81 Charcoal Dustrunner Dragon Swiftfoot yes Purgatory Valley Border
81 Spined Whispertongue Dragon Paragon yes Barlam's Vigilance
82 Skulking Cobaltfang Dragon Razorspine yes Barlams Lair
83 Crystal Tooth Dragon Razorspine yes Barlams Lair (Rare)
82 Corrupted Grimspike Dragon Raptor No Swarth Barrens
82 Horrifying Doom Dragon Doom No Unthor Mountains / Remington Village
82 Scavenging Doom Dragon Doom No Unthor Mountains / Remington Village
82 Curse Touched Drakento Doom No Remington Village (Event Boos)
83 Volcanic Talonrake Dragon, Alentia Skytouched yes Remington Lumber Company
84 Russet Boneplate Dragon Stalwart yes Luna Ruins
85 Mechanic Dragon Stalwart yes Draconic Giant Outpost (Rare)
85 Webbed Moonshadow Dragon Dunestalker yes Waverider Lake
85 Nebbish Burrowing Dragon Windrider yes Waverider Lake
87 Lumbering Thornspike Dragon Stalwart yes Bloodpike Arch
87 Predatory Ashwind Dragon Skytouched yes Soaring Eagle Post
87 Corrupted Skyreaper Dragon Drake No Bloodstone Frontline
88 Slinking Wasteland Dragon Razorspine yes Bloodstone Mountain Pass
89 Firebrand Skytouched yes Bloodstone Stronghold (Rare)
95 Recursive Nightmare Fabled Ancient yes Roaming
95 Dark Flame Assault yes Roaming
95 Hazul the Swirling Flame Mythical yes Roaming
95 Fyonorr Fabled Ancient yes Dungeon Ancient
90 Liquid Silver Fabled Ancient yes Dragonheart Temple

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