Aryna's Lair Edit

The second dungeon in Laedis houses a dragon of the Ancient family and the original model for Balge. A bug during beta made Aryna capturable and once the bug was solved, Balge was made available as Dungeon Ancient to all players.

The zone starts with a number of beetles who at level 50 or higher start faking death, making them untargetable, dumping their agro and when they deem they fooled us, they get up and attack again. This can be a major slow down if one cares about getting some loot from them.

Further in are some stalwart dragons unique to this zone, in a senior and junior version. Close to them are flamingos: these have a rapid hitting beak attack throughout Dragon's Prophet, but it's particularly vicious in this dungeon.

The stalwart dragons are food for the Paragon dragons a bit further, who are always on high alert, evident through their rather large agro range and the sudden attack of those you thought were taking a nap. They also feed on the boars, who besides bacon also drop a daily quest item available from Tavern Owner in Underworld Port.

A camp with both researchers and militia divides the zone in two and prepares you for the final assault. This is where you turn in the two daily quests.

The final assault is shielded by a platoon of Skytouched dragons, descending from the mountains left and right in groups of 4 or more. A novice does well not attack them head on, but pick off one or two by first retreating and then carefully pull the closest one. This is because in group form, they will use Shock in close succession to one another, interrupting your attacks and movement.

Quests Edit

Several sideline quests send you to this dungeon, finally concluding that Aryna is the source of trouble with the Corrupted Skytouched roaming East Mount Longra.

Scenery Edit

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